Hello, meet with the 101 team!
Each member of the node101 team consists of competent and worthy people who have internalized 101 values, are educated, and work for the benefit of society. Each of them is a good and visionary person.
node101 team member Akın
A white-paperworm, the Sun-Tzu of blockchain investing, Akın, the patron of reports and presentations, is a very talented crypto "mentat".
node101 team member Mustafa
Sales & DevOps
Mustafa, a "big brother" who builds the team's common experience and culture, a talented salesperson, and an excellent DevOps player, is better known as "mechul".He is the "hacıcavcav" of the Turkish Blockchain Ecosystem, and is its humble bracer.
node101 team member Yunus
As the "marshal" of node101, he coordinates many operations, especially development. With his energy and high technical skills, he is a playmaker who impresses and adds value to everyone he talks to. He is both a Parisian and an Istanbulite.
node101 team member Mete
Product & Events
He organizes legendary non-profit events, is responsible for the open source 101 products, and is interested in decentralized human development theses. He is also from Troy and loves geography and history.
node101 team member Hatun
Hatun, the former doyen designer of the ecosystem, the newly sought-after developer, and a strong and persistent character participates in developing open-source and decentralized 101 products.
node101 team member Yakup
Developer & DevOps
Economist, social media, DevOps and software developer; Yakup can play any role like a Metamorphmagus. As someone who constantly produces and works, he always sets an example and supports the family.
node101 team member Aleyna
Art Director
An artist far from industrialism and mediocrity, a designer who constantly produces diligently, she is the hardest working member of the team and its muse.
node101 team member Kaleab
Kaleab, an athlete, smart, agile, and Tubitak member, is busy developing open-source 101 products. He cannot resist his favorite food, "Kofte," even though he is the sports minister of node101.
node101 team member Ömer
Drawing attention with his human relations and sense of humor, Ömer is the required man for node101 marketing processes. Ömer, who introduced the ideals and values of 101 to the world, is the indispensable name of morning meetings.